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Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is not only a room for the food preparation, but for communication and gathering. It’s the first room most people go to after arriving home. The beauty of a kitchen rises directly out of function. Design your kitchen to please yourself and to welcome family and friends.

The bath has been transformed from a once functional space into something truly spectacular….a personal oasis. It is now a place for rejuvenation and relaxation. Good planning and design will result in a bath environment that is both efficient and a joy to use. Make it a haven of style and functionality.

Custom Cabinetry & Furniture
Custom Cabinetry & Furniture

A home cannot be truly beautiful unless it functions in harmony with who we are. Designing cabinetry and furniture that fits a space and need is invaluable. From a contemporary entry console that provides storage and decorative display to a traditionally detailed built-in serving as a library and media center that hides the TV and electronics. Every room in the house can benefit from cabinetry that is customized for a special function: living room display of treasured collectables, kitchen cabinetry specialty storage, family room entertainment center, home office, library, bedroom dressers with recessed TV to hide while not in use.

Space Planning
Space Planning

Everything about an environment affects you – the placement of walls, the flow of the rooms, the quality of the light. Good space planning is critical to a room and determines the success or failure of its comfort and usefulness. Practical needs, living habits, tastes and personal preference all play a role. A feeling of spaciousness is determined far more by clarity and flow of energy than by square footage. Scale is very important for all elements in the room. Not only furniture, but architectural elements such as fireplaces, doors, windows and cabinetry are subject to proper scale.

The best time to begin space planning is in the planning / blueprint stage in case a window needs to be moved slightly to accommodate a king bed or eliminating one too many doors or windows that prevent sufficient wall space for the ideal living room arrangement. These adjustments are easy while still on paper and thus do not become a costly change order.

Color Consultation
Color Consultation

Color can create an enriching and luminous ambience for any space. A room with a pleasing color scheme will have a feeling of completeness that embraces all of the materials and add character. Color can extend walls and raise ceilings. It can reinforce design, adding another layer of meaning to the parameters of a space. Color doesn’t need to be noticeable to have a noticeable effect. An interplay of warm and cool creates a luminous atmosphere. A neutral doesn’t have to be a shade of white or beige or appear colorless and pale. Nature is the ultimate source of a pleasing palette.